The UK Data Centre Interest Group (UKDCIG) was founded in 2011 and has met every 3 months since.


With approaching 700 members representing over 300 Data Centres, UKDCIG is the largest regular peer-to-peer gathering of  Data Centre operators, design authorities and policy makers in the UK with a focus on best practices, standards, innovation and how forthcoming legislation and tax incentives will impact the sector. There are sector expos with larger attendance - but the UKDCIG isn’t generally open to vendors - apart from those invited to present - and is therefore a genuine opportunity for peer-to-peer networking.


The UKDCIG is a non-profit - The costs are covered by benevolent supporters of the sector and the admin is provided at no cost.

All events are held at The Mayfair Hotel and always 15:00 - 17:15.   The speakers are carefully selected as being recognised experts in their field and the presentations deliberately kept to 10-15 minutes to be short and punchy.



The presentations fall into 4 broad categories;

  1. Standards and Best Practices.
  2. Forthcoming legislation and policy changes that will impact the sector
  3. Innovation in technologies and methodologies.
  4. Significant Case Studies of relevance to DC Operators

After the presentations there's an opportunity to network (over food and drinks)  with peers - which is one of the most valuable aspect of attendance.  The networking normally starts fizzling out at 19:15 though there's always a contingent who may continue the lively discussions in the May Fair Bar.



Regular Speaker

“A great opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and to be aware of market possibilities and direction”

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“I think this is a great idea and I fully endorse what the group is trying to achieve”


Jim Dunlop

Lead Engineer - Critical Services Engineering

Thomson Reuters


“The Group provides an excellent forum to share ideas with knowledgeable practitioners in energy efficiency”

Jim Ure

Managing Director



“A very interesting group of people attend who are interested in saving energy through practical solutions and the sharing of experiences - stimulating discussions every time.”


Prof Ian Bitterlin,



The May Fair Hotel was opened by King George V in 1927, is a 3-minute walk from Green Park tube station.

Address: Stratton St, London W1J 8LT


After the Great Fire of London in 1666, the English aristocracy fled to the west where they built grand homes. In the 1700s, King James granted the rights for an annual fair to be held upon the grounds: the May Fair.

In the 1900s – American aristocracy moved in - the Astors, Pierpoint Morgans, Dudleys and Grosvenors and converted family mansions into London’s most prestigious hotel.

There are 5 star hotels, and there’s the May Fair