The Data Centre Expendables


The Expendables, a highly trained group of elite Data Centre Experts who carry out important missions wherever specialist experience is needed.


Whilst there are a range of initiatives in place to attract new talent to the Sector, there is a vast amount of experience and expertise represented by our older colleagues - many of whom are in, or close to, retirement.


The Expendables are a Co-Op of high profile individuals  having held very senior positions with some of the biggest DC Enterprises on the planet.


Recognised for their deep technical understanding across a range of Data Centre disciplines but not seeking long term assignments, The Expendables are available for short term tactical missions in order to retain a connection to the sector and friends they've worked with for many years whilst delivering value by leveraging valuable expertise and experience.

The Expendables - The best experience is ready to help.

The Expendables offer a range of Expert Technical Services

  • Risk Assessment
  • Peer Review
  • Operation Audit
  • Best Practices Implementation
  • Client Technical Representation Services
  • Bid Management (Requirement Capture, Competition Management, Technical Assessment and Ranking)
  • Method Statements
  • Data centre and IT power quality and earthing problem resolution ( more detail below)

Marketing Expert Services

  • Market Assessment (New Product Viability)
  • Customer Profiling, Identification and Engagement
  • Partner Profiling, Identification and Engagement
  • Route to Market Planning



Data centre and IT power quality and earthing problem resolution


Data centres and IT installations often suffer from unexplained problems thought to be related electrical power quality or earthing and bonding issues.


Some of these problems can be resolved by introducing a UPS between the public electricity supply and the critical IT equipment. However, modern transformer-less UPSs do not provide complete isolation and electrical noise can be carried through on the shared neutral connection.


Similar problems arise when electrical supply authorities insist on 4-pole isolation of standby generators which can leave the neutral conductor floating during changeover from the public to the generator supply.


Lighting protection design is also critical and care is needed with earthing and bonding of electrical installations and screened data cables do avid damage or data corruption from local lightning strikes.

The  Expendables have many years of experience in Data centre and IT power quality and earthing problem resolution and can review your new design, survey an existing installation or help you to diagnose incidents and provide permanent resolution.


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