Infrastructure Masons provide infrastructure professionals an independent forum to connect, grow and give back.



Founding Infrastructure Masons

Infrastructure Masons (IM) was established to provide infrastructure executives and technical professionals an independent forum to connect, grow and give back. IM was founded by Dean Nelson, a long time Infrastructure executive and industry contributor. Dean believes that by bringing these professionals together they can focus their combined experience and expertise to advance the industry, develop their fellow masons, and empower business and personal use of the infrastructure to better the economy, the environment, and society. iMasons was announced to the world on April 2, 2016, through Dean’s LinkedIN post, Are You A Mason?

In August 2017, the Infrastructure Masons Board and Advisory Council developed a two year plan to advance the industry, grow membership, increase awareness of the industry, develop education programs, and give back to the industry. The results of this discussion will guide the future of iMasons strategic planning.

Advisory Council Members


The Advisory Council was established to provide guidance to the organization. The Infrastructure Masons Advisory Council includes a combination of End User Infrastructure Masons who are responsible for some of the largest and progressive infrastructure portfolios in the world and Partner Infrastructure Masons who provide a complete view of the industry, with the goal to foster effective collaboration between Partners and End Users.