24th September 2015


In the Summer Budget the climate change levy (CCL) exemption for “green” power was withdrawn and in the autumn HM Treasury will lead a wider review of the UK carbon tax regime. Proposed changes are likely to affect the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), the Climate Change Levy (CCL), ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme) and Mandatory Carbon Accounting.  This will have obvious implications for Climate Change Agreements (CCAs). 

techUK will be providing an update on policy issues. There will also be presentations from WEMS International who will be sharing some of their customer success stories from over 20 years in delivering building energy management solutions to some of the largest enterprises in the UK.

New applications for Satellite technology are delivering benefits to a growing number of sectors – we’ll be learning from Geospatial analysis experts if satellite data can help drive building energy efficiency. Also, EkkoSense will be presenting how innovative thermal technologies and methodologies are delivering energy and operational benefits across large estates - including Telco, Power Generators and Data Centres.

Many organisations, for example those grown through acquisition, have a number of different BMS (Building Management Systems) across their estates which can cause a number of issues – learn how IBAL are solving this problem by consolidating to a single platform.

Peter Hannaford from Data Centre People will be providing a heads-up on whether skill sets are keeping up with technology.

Finally, DataRacks are launching their Micro Data Centre this month – a versatile solution you might even be seeing in your offices soon!





Simon Allen Chairman
Emma Fryer techUK Assct. Director - Climate Change Programmes
Chris Irwin Tridium Europe Ltd. Business Development Director
Mark Smith Intelligent Building Automation Ltd Operations Director
Dave Fox Geospatial Insight Ltd. Managing Director
James Kirkwood EkkoSense Ltd. Services Manager
Tony Slade nPower Head of Business Solution
Jeremy Hartley DataRacks Ltd. CEO and Founder
Peter Hannaford Data Center People Managing Director
Simon Allen Membership Secretary UK Building Energy Management Interest Group



14:30 Coffees & Registration  
15:00 Welcome Simon
15:05 Update from techUK on policy issues Emma
15:25 Sharing Experiences from nPower                                                     Tony
15:40 Can satellite imagery and other geospatial information help drive Building Energy Efficiency? Dave
15:55 Integrating Multiple BMS (Building Management Systems) into a single Monitoring and Management Platform. How and Why. Chris and Mark
16:10 Innovative Thermal Technology and Techniques driving energy efficiency

Case Study 1 - Power Generators

Case Study 2 - Data Centres

16:25 Micro Data Centres - The versatile solution Jeremy
16:40 Have required skill sets kept pace with technology Peter
16:50 Panel discussion Panel
17:15 Closing comments Simon
17:16 Adjournment to Norfolk Suite for Champagne reception and canapés.