11th February 2016


The New Year has seen analyst predications that will, potentially, impact all of us.

  • Advances in Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) and flash storage will drive + 30% reductions in internal Data Centre space and staff.
  • Cyber Security will remain the fastest growing threat to Data Centre in terms of unplanned downtime
  • 65% of companies' IT assets will be offsite in colocation and cloud (within 2-3 years)
  • 60% of companies will rely on highly instrumented Data Centres that use advanced automation to boost efficiency and tie Data Centre and IT spend to business value
  • 50% of companies will demand payment models based on usage for major IT and Data Centre investments, basing vendor decisions on these programs
  • By 2018, cloud, mobile and IoT services providers will own/operate 30% of IT assets in edge locations and micro Data Centres, posing major asset management and governance challenges.
  • By 2018, 8% of new datacenters will be powered by green energy while improvements in cooling technology and rack architectures continue to improve energy efficiency

UK Data Centre Interest Group 11th February

We don’t need analysts to warn us about the seismic changes on the horizon associated with HM Treasury’s policy review of the UK carbon tax regime. techUK will be providing a valuable update on policy issues.

Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) is dramatically reshaping the information technology landscape - ZPE will be explaining how to access, manage and control all devices within the SDI and Tridium Europe will be exploring the issues around Cyber-security for facilities management systems.


All analysts agree that improvements in cooling technology will continue to improve energy efficiency – EkkoSense will be revealing the next generation intelligent sensors for Data Centre.


There is considerable interest in Software Defined Power in the Datacentre; Andy Lawrence from 451 Group will be explaining what it’s all about…. Continuing on the theme of power, Eltek ASA will be discussing how power can be delivered to suit the new needs across converged infrastructures - Optimising Power for Cloud and Mobile Data Services.


Concertim will be presenting an approach to Data Centre Automation and how to derive Metrics to support usage based invoicing models.

As 65% of companies' IT assets will be offsite within the next few years, Alpha Real Technology will be discussing what do colocation customers look for from a data centre provider?

Finally, Professor Ian Bitterlin will be exploring How the reuse of waste heat could shape the future of Data Centres.

The key characteristic of the interest group is that there will be no vendors attending; Tridium Europe, ZPE Systems and EkkoSense are sharing the cost and are merely acting as benevolent facilitators.


Company Position
Simon Allen UK Data Centre Interest Group Membership Secretary
Emma Fryer techUK Associate Director
Arnaldo Zimmerman ZPE Systems CTO and Founder
Chris Iriwn Tridium Europe Business Development Director
Dr Stu Redshaw EkkoSense CTO and Co Founder
Andy Lawrence 451 Research VP Datacenter Technologies
Geraint Davies Eltek ASA GM & Global Director, Data Centre Business
Dr Michael Rudgyard Concertim Infrastructure Solutions CTO and Founder
Professor Ian Bitterlin Critical Facilities Consulting Ltd Consulting Engineer & Visiting Professor, University of Leeds



14:30 Coffees & Registration
15:00 Welcome Simon  (Chairman)
15:05 Update from techUK on policy issues Emma
15:15 Managing Critical Data Centre IT Infrastructure Arnaldo
15:25 Cyber-security issues for facilities management systems Chris
15:40 Next generation intelligent sensors for data centre Stu
15:50 Software Defined Power in the Datacentre: What’s it all about? Andy
16:05 Optimising Power for Cloud and Mobile Data Services Geraint
16:20 Data Centre Automation and Metrics to support usage based invoicing models Michael
16:30 How could the reuse of waste heat shape the future of Data Centres? Ian
16:40 Panel Discussion Panel
17:00 Closing Comments Simon
17:01 Adjournment to Norfolk Suite for Champagne reception and canapés.