Agenda 10th November 2016

Speakers - UK Data Centre Interest Group 10th November 2016


Emma (techUK) will be providing her regular update on policy issues – Member feedback has established that Emma’s updates are considered one of the most valuable aspects of UKDCIG.


IoT is driving increased interest in Automatic Metre Reading - DMS are one of the UK’s leading independent supplier of metering and control solutions – I’m very pleased to welcome their Managing Director, Steve Case, to present a briefing on “Metering & AMR - putting the pieces together”


Our next speaker is Angela Keyworth from Stroma who will be presenting a simple and flexible tool that would help anybody wanting to capture or verify data (such as Asset Register) – this tool has a few tricks that make it ideal for Data Centres.


DCIM is widely considered a toxic term with take up not meeting expectations (by a country mile). However, this has not been the case in Germany where most of the DAX30 have implemented a solution. I’m delighted to welcome Soeren Schroeder from FNT Software to explain why and what we can learn in the UK from experiences in Germany.


Colt have recently successfully implemented the FNT DCIM solution across their Data Centre estate – very quickly and effectively. I’m very pleased to welcome Romain Tranchant to share experiences with us on Practical Steps to DCIM implementation.


I’m also very pleased to welcome Stephen Bowes-Phipps from PTS Consulting who’s joining us to provide a briefing on The PTS  approach to Operational Professionalism.


I'm also delighted to welcome Lucy Taylor - a Senior Sustainability Consultant from CBRE Energy & Sustainability Consulting who will be providing a briefing on how to collectively manage environmental compliance (EU ETS, EPR, IED, EU EED Article 8 etc) to reduce admin and cost for Data Centres.


Graham Turner from One Sightsolutions will be sharing experiences in Data Centre Integration using the Niagara Framework from high profile clients including Sky, The London Stock Exchange and Bulk.

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